Students Review

Students review

“María was really nice and professional, she helped me improve my communication skills and i’ve made a lot of friends in our Literature course. I’ve also had the opportunity to read and learn from new writers”.


Buenos Aires, Argentina

“The classes with María have been very dynamic and interesting for me. She knows the subject well and encourages participation a lot. I would recommend the Latin American literature courses because you learn a lot.”


Barcelona, Spain

“I really liked taking classes with María, she is very serious about the classes, she always prepares a lot and has a lot of experience and knowledge of the language. The classes were fun! She is personally super nice.”



“I liked the classes with Maria because they are very fun and useful. I would recommend them to my friends.”


Moscow, Russia

“I liked the literature course with María. Original texts, a lot of patience, passion for reading and transmission of knowledge.”


Buenos Aires, Argentina

“I loved taking classes with Maria! For several reasons, the main one: her reading recommendations. I met very talented Latin American authors and could not have reached them any other way. The topics we discussed were very interesting, sharing with an open and varied group. During the first months of the quarantine, these encounters were very rewarding. I recommend the classes with Maria, due to her high capacity for group coordination, she is also very didactic.”


Paris, France

“My name is Ronny and I take classes with Maria, The way she teaches is very professional and easy to understand, I´ve like to thank her for the patient and the kindness with me, I will recommend everyone feather to her“.



“I loved taking classes with Maria! She is a very patient teacher and always learned new things in her class. I would recommend her classes if I had a friend who was learning Spanish.”


California, USA

“Finalmente ho trovato un’eccellente insegnante. Mi piace molto come spiega le lezioni. Ha un metodo molto semplice e tutto si capisce rapidamente. Maria è molto brava, la raccomando”.


Torino, Italy

“I really like María´s classes, they are good fun! It makes a difference when u enjoy it and motivates you to do better. And yeah she is a pro! Never late and always well prepared! And you will get every time homework😋👍 I would recommend her at anytime!”



“Maria is an incredible and super patient teacher 🤓 i love how she adds a touch of art and culture to my Spanish language course to keep it interesting and interactive 🎶💃🏻📚Plus she is super punctual & flexible! – absolutely recommended! “



“I highly recommend Maria Courses. Clarity in explanation, dedication and professionalism. Her way of teaching is unique!”


Buenos Aires, Argentina